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horse with poor appetite

Poor Appetite: Look Closer at Your Horse's Digestive Tract

Horses lose their appetite for a variety of reasons. One lesser-known cause is gastrointestinal discomfort emanating from gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis.

KER Research

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oil pouring from bottle

How Is Natural-Source Vitamin E Superior to Synthetic Vitamin E for Horses?

Studies were conducted to determine if synthetic and natural-source vitamin E have similar bioavailabilities when administered at equal doses and to determine if water-dispersible forms of vitamin E are more bioavailable than lipid-soluble forms.


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horse travel

Traveling Affects the Equine Microbiome

New evidence shows that travel can have an impact on the equine microbiome, the microbial population of the hindgut critical for proper digestion, immune function, and nutrient and energy production.

General Interest

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horse going over jump

Which Regenerative Therapy Is Best for Equine Injuries?

Despite the widespread availability of various regenerative therapies that have revolutionized the treatment of soft-tissue injuries, owners find themselves faced with a new dilemma: choosing the therapy that best fits their horse.