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anxious horse

Antianxiety Supplements: Do They Work In Horses?

Researchers set out to compare the effects of acepromazine, a common neuroleptic agent that produces marked sedation, with a magnesium-based antianxiety formulation on heart rate and cortisol levels as horses engage in everyday tasks.

KER Research

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nutrient digestibility

How is Nutrient Digestibility Determined in Horses?

Using 30 different diets, KER calculated digestibilities for numerous diets, yielding valuable information on nutrient requirements and interactions.


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asthma in horses

New Approach to Equine Asthma Treatment

Equine asthma is remarkably similar to human asthma. In human asthmatics, allergy avoidance has also proven to be an unsuccessful management strategy, forcing doctors to develop alternate treatment strategies. In two-legged sufferers, a technique called immunotherapy has gained favor.

General Interest

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fat pony

Four Keys to Perfect Pony Weight

Science has revealed that ponies are genetically predestined to pack on the pounds. How do pony owners combat this evolutionary influence?